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What to Know About the Pool Installation Process

Installing a pool is an exciting project but you need to make sure that each stage of the process proceeds smoothly so that the final outcome is breathtaking. The stages involved in a pool design are design, excavation, construction and finishing touches.

There will first be an initial consultation

Where you will meet with a professional pool designer such as Legacy pools and spas Geelong. Make sure to research pool companies thoroughly so that you can select the right company for your requirements. In the consultation stage, you can discuss your preferences, budget and vision for the project. The designers and the team involved will assess the layout of the property and its topography along with any existing features to understand the potential of your backyard. There will be a preliminary pool design that will be created after the consultation that will include the requirements of the homeowners. This will have details about the shape of the pool depth, size, materials and features along with landscaping elements. This is a process that requires collaboration so that the vision of the homeowner can be achieved. And with periodic meetings, the pool design will be revised with the feedback of the client. And this will lead to a final design.

You will also need to obtain

The required permits and approvals from local authorities so that the construction can be in compliance with zoning regulations, building codes and safety standards. The pool company will handle this stage as they will have expertise on the permit application process and they will make sure that all necessary approvals are obtained. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that all permits and approvals have been obtained before construction begins. Once the permit is provided, the excavation phase will begin. Heavy machinery will be used for this and the pool shell will be created little by little to ensure the proper size, shape and level. Any existing structures or landscaping will be temporarily relocated during this stage. After excavation, the pool shell will be constructed. This can be with vinyl, concrete, fibreglass depending on your budget and requirements. Once the pool shell is in place, the plumbing and other equipment needed for pool operation will be installed. This includes heaters, filters, valves, pipes and additional items such as lighting and waterfalls.

The plumbing and installation of equipment

Has to be coordinated to ensure proper functionality of the pool. Each component will be positioned and connected by experienced pool contractors and they will follow design specifications. Some of the factors taken into account during this stage are water circulation, water flow and energy efficiency. Once the pools structure and equipment are installed, the finishing touches and landscaping elements will be initiated. A final surface finish will be applied to the pool shell and this can be tile, plaster, aggregate etc. so that a smooth surface can be created. Landscaping around the pool area will be done to further improve the functionality of the outdoor space. There will be a final inspection done after everything is completed ensuring that the pool meets all building codes and safety standards.

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