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Types of Pre-Mixed Construction Materials

Pre-mixed construction materials can be used to make construction a lot easier. It will increase efficiency and help you complete the project quicker. You can find a variety of construction materials that can be used in this way and these are explained in depth in the article below.

You can find a wide range of pre-mixed products in EasyMix Sales and it is easier to select such a company as you will be able to purchase all your requirements in one place. Ready mix concrete is one of the most common pre-mixed building materials you will come across. You will be able to have consistent quality when using ready mix concrete. When mixing concrete at site, the proportions can change slightly and the storage conditions for the component materials may alter the resulting mix as well. You will be able to reduce on-site mixing and save a lot more time when using ready mix concrete. You can order ready mix concrete and have it delivered to the site. Mortar mix which is made out of cement, sand and water can be packaged as ready mix with just the dry components. This is generally used for masonry structures. You will be able to achieve a higher quality in the consistency and quality. Same as ready mix concrete, you will be able to reduce on site mixing and handling when you use ready mix mortar. You can actually find these mixes in different colours and finishes that will come in useful for decorative masonry work.

Another self-levelling pre-mixed building material is self-levelling concrete. This reduces much of the manual labour required otherwise. You can use self-levelling concrete for floors, patios etc. This will give you faster installation times compared to traditional concrete pouring and the results are more consistent as well. There is lightweight concrete as well that can be used for wall, roof and floor construction. It is a lot easier to handle and it requires comparatively less structural support. This is a great way of reducing building costs. But you need to consult with a professional to understand where lightweight concrete can be utilised in your building. You can also find plaster mix as a pre-mixed plaster which can be applied a lot more quickly at site.

Many times, these pre-mixed building materials are used to save time at building sites where you are working towards a tight timeline. They can also be used for convenience in other projects as well. For example, you can purchase a smaller quantity of pre-mixed building materials to do minor repairs and maintenance in your home. Joint compound can also come pre-mixed. This is used to fill out joints between two drywall sheets and this space is smoothed out to look like a continuous wall. This can be used for walls or ceilings. Consistency in quality is a common reason to purchase pre-mixed building materials. This ensures that you get uniform results all the time which is critical especially in large construction projects. You can generally use pre-mixed materials right out of the container or package which means you don’t need to mix things at site or handle the material. It is a great way of keeping labour costs low.

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