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What to Know About Full Depth Coloured Concrete

Full depth coloured concrete has colour mixed into it throughout the entire thickness of the concrete. This is what gives in a uniform and consistent colour. Traditional concrete is generally in grey shades but you can actually customise the full depth coloured concrete to match any design you are considering.    

The benefit of choosing full depth coloured concrete from concrete colour systems, you will be able to get any colour you want. The colours can be customised to your preference. The colour is achieved by adding pigment to the concrete mixture or staining the surface of the concrete after it has been poured. If you cannot find a colour to match something that already exists at home, you can contact the manufacturer to create a unique colour. It is important for the colour to stay a long time. With full depth coloured concrete you can use it in high traffic areas without worrying that it will fade away over time. Therefore, you can actually use it on driveways, sidewalks and parking areas. Also, you can use this concrete for decorative concrete projects like polished concrete floors, vertical concrete walls etc. The reason that the colour doesn’t fade away is that the pigment has been added to the mixture so that it will not wear away even after a long time. And this is also a low maintenance option you can use on a variety of sites.

Because colour has been added throughout the entire thickness of the concrete, the consistency of colour is the same throughout. So even if the concrete surface is chipped or scratched, there will be no difference in colour as the colour you see underneath will match that of the surface. And this can give a professional look to any surface even when you install it in high traffic areas. The design you envision at the beginning of the project will be consistent because of the long lasting property of full depth coloured concrete. If you want to use this type of concrete in your project, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, you need to select a contractor that has experience working with full depth coloured concrete as they will know how to mix and pour it properly. And during installation, you need to cover the concrete from direct sunlight as it can cause the colour to fade or change.

When compared to traditional concrete, full depth coloured concrete is more expensive given the colour additives and the special requirements for installation. But you need to decide whether the benefits of long lasting colour and durability outweigh the cost in your project. In the long run, you will not need to spend much on repairs or maintenance compared to traditional concrete so this can be a cost saving in that aspect. You will need to seal the concrete at certain periods of time to prevent moisture from damaging it and prevent staining. You can also clean it regularly to make sure that dirt and debris are not dulling the brightness of the colour.

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