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Importance of Pile Integrity Testing

There are many testing techniques that are carried out to ensure the safety and stability of construction projects such as buildings, bridges etc. When these structures rely on deep foundation systems, concrete pile integrity testing is done.

There is specialised concrete testing Melbourne  carried out by companies that have expert teams and specific equipment. These equipment are used to evaluate the condition of the piles and their integrity. These piles are generally reinforced concrete columns that are used to support the weight of the building or structure. The main reason that contractors and other professionals in the construction field carry out pile testing is that it allows you to detect any defect or damage in the concrete piles. These defects can occur at any stage during the construction process. In certain circumstances, these defects can occur over time in the post construction stage as a result of temperature changes, chemical exposure and high moisture levels. The testing company will use specialised testing equipment to detect these defects. This gives you a better understanding of the extent of damage to the piles and how you can repair it. On some occasions, you may need to replace the pile if it is unable to bear the weight of the structure.

When you are able to detect these defects early, you will be able to avoid costly repairs and potential failures. When a deep foundation system fails, it can endanger the lives of the occupants and there can even be a partial or total collapse of the structure. And by utilising these testing services, you will be able to greatly minimise the risk of such a catastrophe happening. You will also be able to save time with early detection so that you are still able to make the construction timelines. There are many industry standards and regulations that will require you to carry out regular inspections and testing for deep foundation systems. You will be able to comply with these regulations when you perform these testing techniques.

The engineers of the construction project will be able to improve the structural design of the foundation when they are able to identify areas of weakness in the pile. When weaknesses are detected, they can make improvements to the design so that it is strengthened to ensure the stability of the structure. They can also choose a different pile type if they find out early that a pile type they have used previously is more prone to failure. This will save a lot of money and time. Some of the methods used for testing are impact echo testing and sonic echo testing. In sonic echo testing, the top of the pile is struck with a hammer and the sound waves generated are inspected. The length of the pile can be determined by evaluating the time taken for the sound waves to travel the length of the pile and reflect back to the service. Vibrations generated after striking the pile with a hammer are evaluated in impact echo testing to determine the pile diameter.

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