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Choosing the Right Hose Reel for Your Service Truck

A hose reel is an essential piece of equipment when outfitting your service truck. When you choose the right hose reel, efficiency and safety are enhanced and you can prolong the life of the hose as well.

A hose reel will store

And manage hoses so that you can easily deploy and retract them as you need. Service trucks are used for auto repair agriculture, construction etc. and it is useful to have reliable hose reels so that operational efficiency can be improved. You will be able to keep the hoses organised and it will also reduce tripping hazards. This is a great way to protect hoses from damage so that their lifespan can be extended. When choosing a hose reel, there are a few types you can consider. There are manual hose reels that are operated by hand. You will need to crank the handle to reel in the hose. But they tend to be quite simple and affordable. But you will need to put more effort to use them. Then there are spring driven hose reels that use a spring mechanism to retract the hose automatically. This is a convenient option but it can be more expensive. You will also need to maintain this so that the mechanism can work smoothly.

There are motor driven hose reels for heavy-duty use

These are powered by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors which will provide effortless operation. But electric, pneumatic or hydraulic hose reels can be the most expensive and complex option out of all. You have to consider the materials for the hose reels as well. Steel is a durable option that you can use for heavy-duty applications. These are powder coated so that they can be corrosion resistant. Excellent corrosion resistance is provided by stainless steel hose reels and you can use this in areas where there are corrosive materials or harsh environments. Aluminium is lighter than steel and these hose reels are resistant to corrosion as well. You can use them for moderate applications. For another lightweight and corrosion resistant material, you can consider polypropylene hose reels. But their durability will not match the metal options.

Think about the length and diameter of the hose you have to store

The full length of the hose has to be accommodated by the reel along with its diameter. The reel should not cause any kinks. You can check the specifications given by the manufacturer regarding the capacity of the hose reel. Think about the mounting options for this as well. There are truck mounted hose reels that are designed for permanent mounting on service trucks. These should be attached securely to the truck and be able to withstand the movements of the vehicle and its vibrations. Some hose reels are portable and can be moved easily between locations. These are lighter and have wheels or handles to make transport easy. A swivel mount will allow you to rotate the hose reel so that it is more flexible to deploy the hose.

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