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Reasons to Use Custom Made Timber Doors

There are many material options for door windows nowadays but the classic choice, timber is still used due to its timeless nature. There is a certain aesthetic that you can achieve with timber doors that cannot be done with alternative materials.

You can defiantly add a unique touch to your home design when you choose profile timber doors Melbourne. You can choose a company that manufactures custom timber doors so that you can customise it to a higher level so that you have something truly unique in your home. There is also high durability when it comes to timber doors and they are a great material to use in the external building envelope so that your home is protected from the elements. However, you need to make sure that the timber you choose for the doors is treated properly along with the use of the right finishes or coatings so that they have improved weather resistance. Aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons that timber is used for door materials. Depending on the type of wood you choose, there is a certain colour tone that you can achieve. You can have the stain light and allow the natural colour to shine or adjust the colour tone using different stains so that it fits your aesthetic better.

You can also choose so many other different finishes for timber

Such as paint or varnish which allows you to create different aesthetics. Because of this versatility, this is a great material to use in any home and you will not struggle to match to existing finishes as it can be adjusted. Timber is a natural insulation material so using them in your external building envelope will boost the overall insulation of the home helping to bring down energy costs. When your home is properly insulated, the heated or cooled air inside will not escape outside leading to energy efficiency. But you need to make sure that you select a professional to install the timber doors for maximum insulation properties. There are also brush seals and other alternatives you can attach to further increase the insulation properties so air doesn’t escape from the gap between the floor and the door. Timber is a renewable resource and by choosing a manufacturer that sources timber from sustainably managed forests, you will be making a more eco-friendly choice in terms of building materials.

Timber doors will ensure the security of your home as they are solid and strong.

And you can further enhance their security by adding heavy-duty hinges, deadbolts, complex locking mechanisms, face recognition cameras etc. You can also add features such as peepholes as well. Also, you can use timber in combination with other materials. For example, you can use glass and timber for a more decorative touch and let more natural light into the house. Adding quality materials such as timber can help increase the value of your house. And because you can customise it to a high degree such as choosing the style, finish, size, type of hardware etc. you will be able to have the entrance door you have always dreamed of having.

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